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Enriched with organic shea butter, it gently exfoliates the skin

Body Scrub

Champion in nutrition, Shea nourishes and brings comfort to normal to dry skin.
Gommage Corps Karité
150 ml
A stylish tube that looks elegant in your bathroom, and can also be taken with you anywhere.
In a few words

With its rich, creamy texture, this scrub combines the gentle exfoliating action of finely ground organic apricot kernels with the nourishing properties of organic shea butter. It gently exfoliates the skin to restore its radiance, and can even be used on the skin of the hands and feet.

Organic shea butter
From organic farming and extracted by pressure from wild African Shea nuts, our organic shea butter has powerful regenerating and repairing virtues of the skin thanks to vitamins A, D, E and F that it naturally contains. A true champion ingredient of nutrition, it takes care of the most demanding skin in 4 targeted actions: it soothes, protects, nourishes and softens the skin.
Fruit water
Our fruit water comes from the heart of the fruit and is obtained in a specific way: by evaporating then condensing the water in the pressed fruit juice. Our fruit waters include our Apple water, which is known to help soften the skin and improve suppleness, and our Cranberry water – a purifying and anti-ageing active ingredient with hydrating and refreshing properties.
Organic apricot kernels
Naturally derived and excellent at exfoliating! Our organic apricot kernels provide a natural and eco-friendly solution to gently exfoliate the skin, and leave it feeling velvety soft, just like an apricot!

A formula composed of 42% organic ingredients, such as organic apricot kernels and organic shea butter, brought together in a rich, smooth, creamy texture.

How does
it work ?

One to twice a week, apply a small amount of cream on damp skin. Then massage in gently with small circular movements all over the body insisting on rough areas (neck, knees, heels, ...). Rinse after use.

To complete your beauty routine, follow with Shea Body Balm. 
Enjoy your soft skin.