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A 100% natural sponge to gently cleanse your body

Natural Sea Sponge

10 x 5 cm
Each sponge is unique!
Available in 2 formats
Éponge de Mer Naturelle
Éponge de Mer Naturelle

In a few words

This sea sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable. Soft and absorbent, it is pleasant to use to cleanse and massage your body.
Each sponge is unique, no two are the same. This originality of forms makes it an ideal decorative object for the bathroom.
Our sponges are selected and fished in the Caribbean Sea, with the greatest respect for the seabed. Fishermen cut them
of their support without tearing them off so that the root is preserved thus allowing a rapid reconstitution of each sponge.

Approximate dimensions (each sponge is unique): 10 x 5 cm

How does
it work ?

The natural sea sponge is ideal for washing the face and body. It is suitable for delicate skin and baby skin. Before use, wet the sponge well. Rinse it thoroughly after use, then allow it to air dry.