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Gentle to your skin – and to the planet

Invigorating Shower Gel

Sparkling citrus
200 ml | Plastic
A practical tube format to carry with you in your sports bag ou your travel bag
Available in 2 formats
Soin Douche Vivifiant
Soin Douche Vivifiant
Sparkling citrus
A sunny, happy fragrance with sparkling citrus notes that's like a breath of pure optimism!
Biodegradable formula
According to OCDE 302B
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In a few words

Finally you can have your favourite Shower gel with you in your bag with this practical 200ml size! 

This gentle shower gel is enriched with olive oil, while its fragrance was created in Grasse.
Formulated with a naturally derived, mild cleansing base, it transforms into a rich lather that gently cleanses,
rinses off easily, and doesn't dry out the skin. But that's not all...
Because we also care about natural resources, our shower gel is biodegradable, in accordance with the OCDE 302B standard.

Enjoy its sunny, happy fragrance with sparkling citrus notes that's like a breath of pure optimism!


Copra oil

Coconut (or copra) oil, which is made from dried coconut flesh, has excellent foaming and cleansing properties, and gives a rich, creamy texture. Highly nourishing and protective, it considerably reduces skin dehydration. With its neutral scent, this form of coconut oil is an alternative to virgin coconut oil, and ideal for formulas where a coconut scent is not desired.

We know a lot about botanical oils. In fact, we're quite the experts! That's why our shower gel contains olive oil and coconut oil, to gently cleanse the skin. The biodegradable formula is made in the heart of Provence and contains at least 96% naturally derived ingredients.

How does
it work ?

It's time to lather up!

Sulfates-free, enjoy this rich lather that rinses off easily.
Press in the palm of your hand and apply with gentle massages on the body.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Enjoy this delicious invigorating perfume, waking up your senses!

Suitable for frequent use.
For external use only.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
Should the product come into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


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