Natural, colourful, cheerful products, designed in Provence with a smile!



The year was 1990. Two friends from Marseille, passionate about design, came up with a brilliant idea. Aware that the traditional Marseille soap cube held an important place in the cultural and industrial heritage of Provence, they decided to share this local treasure with people from all over the world. And that's how the story of Compagnie de Provence began...

The authentic Marseille cube soap needs no introduction. Made from nothing but vegetable oils, with no colorants or synthetic additives, this natural, multi-purpose product can be used every day on the hands and body, but also to wash delicate laundry and even clean floors!

Inspired by the countless benefits of this iconic soap, Compagnie de Provence has been selling products enriched with plant oils since its earliest days. Its formulas are simple, natural and effective, and provide solutions for all your everyday needs.

Compagnie de Provence is much more than a French beauty brand. It's a lifestyle!
And this lifestyle is inspired by a vision of Provence that's contemporary, sunny and happy – just like you!



In 1999, Compagnie de Provence made an innovative move and introduced the very first liquid version of the Marseille soap. Just like the cube of soap, it's made from vegetable oils in a cauldron, in accordance with the traditional method. Held in an ultra-stylish glass pump bottle that's as beautiful as it is practical, this groundbreaking product propelled the brand onto the international stage and underlined the modernity that has always been at its heart.   

In 2013, the company joined forces with an Italian group specialized in cosmetic research and development. This enabled Compagnie de Provence to accelerate its development while meeting the demand for high-quality, innovative products.

Did you know that every hour, 15 Compagnie de Provence liquid Marseille soaps are sold somewhere in the world?



For almost 30 years, Compagnie de Provence has been building up solid expertise in products made with plant oils.

  • Why are our plant oils the best? Over the years, we have forged close links with local producers in our quest to find high-quality ingredients that will capture the essence of Provence in a bottle. Most of our olive oils come from the Château Virant estate, where the Cheylan family has been producing an exceptional olive oil for several generations. Our sweet almond oil also comes from the south of France: the almond trees grow on an estate belonging to the Jaubert family, on the Valensole plateau.
  • Grasse: the world capital of perfumery. All of the fragrances for our products were conceived and created in Grasse.
  • Natural formulas with excellent sensorial qualities. Over 90% of our products are made with at least 95% naturally derived ingredients, offering a natural way to take care of yourself – and your home. Our aim is to provide the most natural formulas possible, without compromising on sensorial qualities. All our products should promise moments of pure pleasure!  

To put it briefly, we design products that are seriously good, but don't take themselves too seriously!




Stylish. Elegant. Attractive.

At Compagnie de Provence, we love beautiful objects. That's why our 500ml liquid Marseille soap bottles are made from glass. Our formulas are beautiful, and the design of our bottles makes them even more so. Moreover, glass is, of course, the ideal material to protect the quality of what's inside – plus it's infinitely recyclable.

We also provide 1 litre refills, so you can fill your glass bottle with soap over and over again. It's better for the environment – and your wallet!

Our bottles were not just designed to be beautiful and stylish, but also to be practical and easy to use. In fact, we were one of the first companies to use a pump bottle for a hand soap, thus introducing a new way for people to wash their hands!

Did you know? Our liquid soap bottles, which have become cult objects, are actually syrup bottles used in a novel way. Maybe you can find a new and unusual way to use them?



Compagnie de Provence is more than a brand – it's a lifestyle inspired by the Provençal art de vivre, which is all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

  •          The art of welcoming guests in a simple but elegant way
  •          Treating others – and yourself
  •          Enjoying being outside as much as inside
  •          A sunny environment, which inspires colourful and naturally cheerful products  

Rest assured, with Compagnie de Provence, you're in good compagnie!




#1. We have a different vision of Provence…and it comes with a smile!

#2. We believe in combining the useful with the beautiful.

#3. We give priority to natural ingredients from Provence, while ensuring that our formulas are a true pleasure for the senses.

#4. We believe that beauty should remain affordable.

#5. We work in partnership with local producers to source high-quality ingredients.

#6. We design products that are seriously good, but don't take themselves too seriously!