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For radiant skin, we adopt double cleansing

Double Cleansing Duo

Organic Botanical Oils
Made in France Made in France
Organic Botanical Oils
Moisturizing, soothing and protective vegetable oils to care for all skin types.
Duo Double Nettoyage
Set | Recyclable glass & plastic
Two pump bottles that deliver the right dose
In a few words

A good number of elements come to dirty, clutter and damage our skin. We all know that make-up removal is essential so to put all the chances on our side we rely on the powers of double cleansing using a cleansing oil then a cleaner of different texture.

Double Cleansing Ritual steps:


The first thing to do is to remove the impurities accumulated during the day using the oil. Remember: "Fat attracts fat."
Formulated from 99% natural ingredients, this moisturizing cleansing oil captures make-up and impurities gently. Designed for the face, eyes and lips, it transforms into milk on contact with water to remove residues and rinse easily without depriving the skin of its natural hydration.


Aqueous in nature, a foam will capture hydrophilic impurities that have penetrated deep into the epidermis.
A face cleanser that transforms into a dense foam to cleanse and remove impurities and make-up. And all this without drying out the skin! This very gentle cleanser combines organic blueberry floral water with refreshing virtues, with organic water lily extract, known for its purifying properties. A striking duo for fresh, clean and comfortable skin.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been cultivated for centuries for its exceptional skincare benefits. It is particularly popular for its moisturizing and soothing properties, which are mainly present in its pulp. Aloe vera can be found throughout the Mediterranean region and is able to survive in arid environments. It contains many minerals and vitamins, as well as hydrating and antioxidant ingredients, which immediately soothe and moisturize. This drought-resistant plant is also an excellent ingredient for sensitive and irritated skin.

Castor Oil

Rich in vitamins E and omega 6 and 9, it is used to nourish and protect. Rebalancing, it forms a protective barrier on the skin.

Jojoba Oil

Rich in omega 9, vitamin B & E, it forms a lipid barrier on the skin and helps to fight against imperfections.

Organic cornflower

Cornflower has been known for its soothing and de-puffing properties since the 12th century. It's not just a pretty flower! In fact, it boasts many properties: antiseptic, soothing, purifying and invigorating. Obtained by distilling the flower heads, our organic cornflower water was a natural choice for our facial cleansing foam, where it's used for its refreshing properties.

Organic water lily extract

Our water lily comes from organic farming and is known for its astringent and refreshing properties. Because it has a softening action, it also helps to relieve skin irritations.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is very rich in omega 6 and Vitamin E, and has skin-repairing, softening and nourishing properties. It also prevents skin dehydration, making it ideal for dry and very dry skin.

Tamanu oil

Extraite d'une première pression à froid des fruits du Tamanu puis d'une légère filtration, l'huile est issue d'une pulpe riche en actifs, résultant de ce processus. Cette huile de grande qualité et aux propriétés multiples est notamment connue pour ses vertus réparatrices et favorise ainsi la régénération des tissus cutanés et apporte souplesse et élasticité à la peau.
How does
it work ?


STEP N°1 : 
Apply some pressure in the hollow of the dry hands and then gently massage your face.
Apply to closed eyes.
Rinse thoroughly with water.

STEP N°2 : 
Operate the pump in the palm of the hand and apply with light circular massages on the face, previously moistened, avoiding the eye contour.
Rinse thoroughly with water.