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The perfect duo for a beautiful skin

Beautiful Skin Duo

Duo Belle Peau
Set | Recyclable plastic & glass
A face duo in his lovely giftpack
In a few words


This facial cleanser transforms into a rich, thick foam that works to cleanse the skin and remove make-up and impurities, without any drying effect! The ultra-gentle formula combines refreshing organic cornflower floral water with an extract of organic water lily, known for its purifying properties. These two ingredients form a high-performance duo that leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and comfortable. 


An anti-aging moisturizing cream – and so much more! This light-textured cream works to hydrate, smooth and protect your skin, to keep it looking youthful. Result : your face looks smoother, your complexion brighter, and your skin feels perfectly hydrated and protected.

Organic cornflower
On connait le bleuet pour ses vertus apaisantes et décongestionnantes depuis le XIIème siècle. Et c’est bien plus qu’une belle plante ! Elle possède de multiples propriétés : antiseptiques, apaisantes, purifiantes et tonifiantes. Fruit de la distillation de la fleur de bleuet, notre eau florale de bleuet bio a tout naturellement trouvé sa place dans notre mousse nettoyante visage pour lui apporter ses propriétés rafraîchissantes.
Organic water lily extract
Our water lily comes from organic farming and is known for its astringent and refreshing properties. Because it has a softening action, it also helps to relieve skin irritations.
Fig from Monteux
Our fig trees grow in a small village in the Vaucluse region, near Carpentras. Figs are rich in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. The fig from Monteux used in our products is a key ingredient to help keep your skin looking youthful. And because we want our figs to be as natural as possible, the ones that we use are organically farmed.
Sweet Almond Oil from Provence
Our Almonds are grown on the Plateau de Valensole in Provence by the Jaubert family. They offer an Almond from Provence sought after for its quality throughout the year. All in the respect of a reasoned agriculture. The almonds are then transformed into an oil renowned for its soothing and softening action. Thanks to its composition rich in oleic acid and softening active ingredients, Sweet Almond oil softens the skin and protects it from drying out by giving it a velvety feel.
Olive oil from Château Virant
This olive oil comes from the Château Virant estate, where the Cheylan family has been producing an exceptional olive oil for several generations. They guarantee an oil of the finest quality that remains true to tradition. Throughout the seasons, they cultivate their olive orchards, and use precise harvesting and extraction methods. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidant polyphenols, and Vitamins A, C, D and E, olive oil helps to soften, protect and nourish the skin. Vitamin E also helps to fight the effects of skin ageing.
Tamanu oil
Extraite d'une première pression à froid des fruits du Tamanu puis d'une légère filtration, l'huile est issue d'une pulpe riche en actifs, résultant de ce processus. Cette huile de grande qualité et aux propriétés multiples est notamment connue pour ses vertus réparatrices et favorise ainsi la régénération des tissus cutanés et apporte souplesse et élasticité à la peau.
Sesame oil
Particularly suitable for dry and irritated skin, sesame oil is renowned for its regenerating, skin-softening and hydrating benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it makes an excellent ingredient in anti-ageing skincare products.
Aloe vera powder
Aloe vera has been cultivated for centuries for its exceptional skincare benefits. It is particularly popular for its moisturizing and soothing properties, which are mainly present in its pulp. Aloe vera can be found throughout the Mediterranean region and is able to survive in arid environments. It contains many minerals and vitamins, as well as hydrating and antioxidant ingredients, which immediately soothe and moisturize. This drought-resistant plant is also an excellent ingredient for sensitive and irritated skin.
How does
it work ?


Press on the pump to dispense the product directly into the palm of your hand, then gently massage over damp face with circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off well with water.


Morning and evening, apply a small amount of cream to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then massage in with small circular movements all over the face, avoiding the eye area. Don't forget to apply to the neck and décolleté too, which also need hydration.