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Transform your home into a comfortable cocoon with a warm and cosy atmosphere, relax after a stressfull day 

Relaxing Ritual

Anise Lavender
Made in France Made in France
Anise Lavender
The combination of essential oils of star anise, patchouli, and lavandin grown in Provence, will calm your mind and soothe your senses.
Rituel Relaxant
Recyclables amber-coloured glasses bottle and Jar, screens printed in France ♻ Box made with FSC-certified card from sustainably managed forests
Sulphate-free formula
Recyclable containers
Sustainable packaging

In a few words


Formulated with a cleansing base of coconut and sunflower oils, and saponified in a cauldron using a traditional method, this liquid soap reveals a luxurious gel texture that gently cleanses the hands and body. Enriched with exceptional botanical oils from Provence, it gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation thanks to a blend of lavender and star anise essential oils, with calming properties. No colorants or animal fats.

Relaxing scent, created in Grasse.

Feel good tips
Washing your hands is one of the most important things to do to look after your skin.
When you wash your hands with this soap, cup them together for a few seconds and hold them under your nose.
Then breathe in the scent – and its benefits. 


Enriched with organic shea butter and exceptional botanical oils from Provence, this hand balm intensely nourishes and soothes dry skin. Its comforting texture is combined with a blend of lavender and star anise essential oils, with calming properties. It leaves a soft finish on your hands and has a relaxing effect on your mind.

Feel-good tip
Washing your hands is one of the most important things to do to look after your skin. When you wash your hands with this soap, cup them together for a few seconds and hold them under your nose. Then breathe in the scent – and its benefits. 


This fragrance diffuser offers a unique olfactory experience. The highly concentrated fragrance, created in the French town of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, combines calming star anise and lavender essential oils for moments of relaxation and well-being. Notes of rose and lavender mingle with the comforting scent of vanilla to create an atmosphere that helps you to unwind and relax.

Sweet Almond Oil from Provence
Our Almonds are grown on the Plateau de Valensole in Provence by the Jaubert family. They offer an Almond from Provence sought after for its quality throughout the year. All in the respect of a reasoned agriculture. The almonds are then transformed into an oil renowned for its soothing and softening action. Thanks to its composition rich in oleic acid and softening active ingredients, Sweet Almond oil softens the skin and protects it from drying out by giving it a velvety feel.
Grapeseed oil
Our grapeseed oil comes from Europe and owes its antioxidant properties to its high content of Vitamin E and polyphenols. Rich in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants, it helps to protect skin against free radicals and premature skin ageing. It's also rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which give it hydrating and restructuring properties. Grapeseed oil can be used by all skin types.
Olive oil from Château Virant
This olive oil comes from the Château Virant estate, where the Cheylan family has been producing an exceptional olive oil for several generations. They guarantee an oil of the finest quality that remains true to tradition. Throughout the seasons, they cultivate their olive orchards, and use precise harvesting and extraction methods. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidant polyphenols, and Vitamins A, C, D and E, olive oil helps to soften, protect and nourish the skin. Vitamin E also helps to fight the effects of skin ageing.
Star anise essential oil
Widely used in traditional medicine, star anise is full of benefits. It shines in particular with its soothing actions, which makes it essential when you want to relieve insomnia, stress and anxiety. Traditionally, it is even recommended to slip a handful under your pillow to promote restful sleep.
Lavandin essential oil
Grown on the Plateau de Valensole (Provence): it is THE plant that needs no introduction in Provence. Between the month of June and the month of September the lavandin comes to dress our landscapes with its beautiful purple dress. Its essential oil is particularly suitable for well-being to fight against insomnia and stress. At La Compagnie de Provence, we have chosen a Provence origin, in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Lavandin essential oils harvested in Provence

How does
it work ?

1st step: It's time to lather up!

Press once or twice on the pump to dispense the soap into your wet hands, gently work up a lather, then rinse well with clean water.
Suitable for frequent use. Can be used on the body.

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.
Should the product come into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

2nd step: The best !

Apply a dab of cream to clean, dry hands.
Gently massage the palm and back of your hands. And take the time to breathe in its fragrance with soothing notes
For greater efficiency, repeat the operation after each hand washing.

3rd step: Relaxation !

Place the diffuser in a room and take the time to slow down as you breathe in the soothing aromas that gradually fill the air.
Dim the lights and adjust the temperature to create a comfortable atmosphere.
Take some time for yourself and feel better.