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  • Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml Compagnie de Provence
  • Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml Compagnie de Provence 1
  • Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml Compagnie de Provence 2
  • Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml Compagnie de Provence 3
ingredients of
Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml Compagnie de Provence

Ultra-hydrating Hand cream 75ml

Made in Provence Made in Provence
Crème mains ultra-hydratante 30ml
Crème mains ultra-hydratante 75ml
75 ml | Recyclable Tube
A stylish, colourful tube that will brighten up any day!
In a few words

Enriched with seaweed from the Mediterranean sea and exceptional botanical oils from Provence, this hand cream delivers long-lasting hydration to dry hands and helps to protect skin exposed to environmental stresses* thanks to its antipollution complex. 

Its smooth, silky texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves behind a sheer velvety finish, while enveloping the hands in a fresh, delicate scent. 

Dermatologically tested.

*in vitro test

Algue Velours
Felt-alga seaweed from the boasts a particularly rich and balanced composition of minerals and amino acids, giving it many benefits for the skin. It deliver intense, long-lasting hydration (for up to 48 hours) and also helps to protect the skin from indoor and urban pollution, and UV rays. Our seaweed is responsibly cultivated and hand harvested in Southern France by our partner, Gelyma. This French company is an expert in the marine and aquatic world since 1997.
Sweet Almond Oil from Provence
Our Almonds are grown on the Plateau de Valensole in Provence by the Jaubert family. They offer an Almond from Provence sought after for its quality throughout the year. All in the respect of a reasoned agriculture. The almonds are then transformed into an oil renowned for its soothing and softening action. Thanks to its composition rich in oleic acid and softening active ingredients, Sweet Almond oil softens the skin and protects it from drying out by giving it a velvety feel.
Olive oil from Château Virant
This olive oil comes from the Château Virant estate, where the Cheylan family has been producing an exceptional olive oil for several generations. They guarantee an oil of the finest quality that remains true to tradition. Throughout the seasons, they cultivate their olive orchards, and use precise harvesting and extraction methods. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidant polyphenols, and Vitamins A, C, D and E, olive oil helps to soften, protect and nourish the skin. Vitamin E also helps to fight the effects of skin ageing.
How does
it work ?

The crème de la crème!

Apply a small amount to clean, dry hands, then gently massage into the palms and backs of your hands, not forgetting the nails and cuticles. Reapply as often as you wish.
For best results, apply after each time you wash your hands.

For external use only.
Avoid contact with the eyes.


Dermatologically tested.

*in vitro test

Results of clinical tests ×

Dermatologically tested.

*in vitro test

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