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Fragrance Diffuser

Cistus Cardamom
Cistus Cardamom
An intoxicating fragrance that reveals ambery notes of cistus heightened by the aromatic scent of cardamom.


Diffuseur de Parfum
300 ml | Recyclable Glass
An amber-coloured, lacquered glass bottle with a vintage feel, inspired by apothecary bottles
In a few words

Made from amber-coloured, lacquered glass and inspired by apothecary bottles, this fragrance diffuser makes a beautiful decorative object.
It gives an elegant, vintage touch to any room and lets you enjoy a unique olfactory experience.
The highly concentrated fragrance will fill your home with scent for several weeks.

How does
it work ?

Remove the glass stopper, pour the fragrance into the bottle, then add the eight diffuser sticks. The sticks will absorb the fragrance by capillary action and diffuse it for several weeks. You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by varying the number of sticks you use. A little tip from us to you: remember to turn the sticks upside-down every few days to reactivate the fragrance and make your diffuser sticks last longer. Warning: risk of danger. Always follow the safety instructions. Highly flammable liquid and vapour.