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The essential product to clean everything in your home

Liquid Black Soap Concentrate

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500ml | Recyclable Plastic
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Savon Noir Liquide
Biodegradable formula
According to OCDE 302B

In a few words

This liquid black soap concentrate is produced by a master soap maker and cooked in a cauldron, in accordance with the traditional Marseille method. Made from olive pomace oil, it's free of animal fats, synthetic surfactants and preservatives.

This "does-everything" product should be used diluted to clean surfaces and remove stains and grease.


Olive pomace oil

Olive pomace oil is obtained during the olive oil extraction process and is made from the pulp of the olives and fragments of olive pits.

Formulated with 99% naturally derived ingredients and enriched with olive pomace oil, this product is completely biodegradable, in accordance with the OCDE 302B standard.

How does
it work ?

Black soap is the new black!

Dilute two dessertspoons of the Olive Liquid Black Soap Concentrate in one litre of warm water to make your very own multi-purpose cleaner.

Please note: may cause severe skin irritation and severe eye irritation.
If you need to consult a doctor, make sure you keep the bottle or label to show them.
Keep out of the reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
If skin irritation persists, seek the advice of a doctor.
If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse carefully with water for several minutes.
If you wear contact lenses that can be easily removed, make sure you remove them and continue to rinse the eyes with water.
Seek medical attention if the eye irritation continues.