Ideal for refilling your fragrance diffuser

Fragrance Diffuser Refill

White Musk
250 ml | Recyclable Plastic
An economical, airtight bottle with screw-on cap that you can use to refill your fragrance diffuser
Available in 1 format
Recharge Diffuseur de Parfum
White Musk
Inspired by the delicate scent of sheets drying in the sun, this fragrance combines the softness/sweetness of almond with powdery notes of white musk.


In a few words

Enjoy this unique fragrance for even longer... Use our economical, airtight refill bottle to fill your diffuser
– and help reduce waste! This highly concentrated home fragrance will fill your home with scent for several weeks.

How does
it work ?

Pour the fragrance into the empty bottle and add the diffuser sticks.
You can change the rattan sticks from time to time, if they no longer work as well.

Warning: risk of danger.
Always follow the safety instructions.
Highly flammable liquid and vapour.