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Can be used to fill the 300ml and 500ml bottles several times

Nourishing Liquid Marseille Soap Refill

1 L | Recyclable Plastic
An economical family size that can be used to fill a 300ml or 500ml bottle several times
Available in 3 formats
Savon Liquide de Marseille Nourrissant
Savon Liquide De Marseille Nourrissant
Recharge Savon Liquide de Marseille Nourrissant
An exquisite, enveloping fragrance that soothes the senses with its delicate notes of white flowers over a soft, musky base.
In a few words

Saponified in a cauldron using a traditional method, this soap is enriched with nourishing shea butter.
It transforms into a fine, creamy lather that gently cleanses the skin without drying it out.
Our liquid soap refills provide a money-saving, eco-friendly option!
The airtight, recyclable plastic bottles can be used to fill the 300ml and 500ml pump dispenser bottles.  


Absolu de karité

L'huile d'Amande douce est une des huiles végétales les plus douces. C'est pourquoi on la retrouve souvent dans les soins cosmétiques des plus exigeants : les bébés ! Elle s'obtient à partir d’un lent pressage à froid qui permet de conserver l’ensemble de ses actifs. Grâce à sa composition riche en acide oléique et en actifs adoucissants, l’huile végétale d’Amande douce assouplit la peau et la préserve du dessèchement en lui donnant un toucher velours. Résultat, elle apaise et adoucit les peaux les plus délicates.

Shea butter

Pressed from shea nuts from western and central Africa, shea butter contains Vitamins A, D, E and F, which give it powerful regenerating and skin-repairing properties. It is also an excellent nourishing ingredient and cares for even the most demanding skin through four targeted actions: soothing, protecting, nourishing and improving suppleness.

Copra oil

Coconut (or copra) oil, which is made from dried coconut flesh, has excellent foaming and cleansing properties, and gives a rich, creamy texture. Highly nourishing and protective, it considerably reduces skin dehydration. With its neutral scent, this form of coconut oil is an alternative to virgin coconut oil, and ideal for formulas where a coconut scent is not desired.

Composed of 96.9% naturally derived ingredients, this formula is a precious blend of ultra-nourishing shea absolute and coconut oil.

How does
it work ?

The eco-friendly way to enjoy your liquid soap for even longer! Our refill bottles can be used to fill up our stylish 300ml and 500ml pump dispenser bottles. Suitable for frequent use. Can be used on the body. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Should the product come into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.