Hand Care - Compagnie de Provence

Hand Care

Compagnie de Provence offers a wide choice of creams and balms to care for your hands any time of the day. From family sizes to take-anywhere travel sizes, there's bound to be (at least) one to meet your needs!   

Hand care for all your needs

For over 30 years, Compagnie de Provence has been developing ever more natural, effective and sensorial formulas. To achieve this, we carefully select each ingredient from local producers.

We've also developed a hand care collection comprising balms, creams and a cleansing gel. Available in family or travel size, Compagnie de Provence hand care products can be taken anywhere to care for your skin at any time of day. Available in tube, bottle or even weekly versions, our hand care products come in a wide range of scents that will transport you to sublime Provencal walks.

To moisturize your hands wherever you are, choose our hand care products in 30ml tubes. Easy to slip into a bag, colorful and delicately scented, these hand care products are perfect for taking with you wherever you go! And if you want the whole family to enjoy them, opt for our 300ml formats: we've adapted our must-have bottles to offer hand care products that you can also use as decorative objects.

To accompany you on your daily adventures, Compagnie de Provence has also developed a cleansing gel that effectively cleans hands without drying out the skin. This holiday-scented hand care product will accompany you wherever you go!

How to use your hand care product

Every time we wash our hands, it's important to moisturize the skin. So apply a dab of cream to clean, dry hands. Then gently massage the cream into the palms and back of the hands. Your skin is perfectly moisturized and smells delicious! Repeat the operation as often as you like and, for greater effectiveness, apply your hand cream after each wash.

Use our 300ml hand cream to moisturize hands and body in a single step. For all-day moisturizing, slip our travel-size tubes into your bag.

For perfectly clean, delicately scented hands, take our cleansing gel with you wherever you go. No need for soap or water, just apply a dab of gel (approx. 1g) to the palm of your hand and rub for 30 seconds.

For even more pleasure, try our weekly hand care products. Every day, soothe your skin and leave your hands feeling comfortable, delicately scented and enveloped in softness.