Since 1990, La Compagnie de Provence has been offering everyday skincare with plant oils, designed in Provence with the smile.

OUR MISSION: combine beauty and goodness to look after you, naturally. With style.

Welcome to Provence, between tradition and modernity

Traditional Provence means picturesque villages, fields of lavender and olive trees and landscapes bursting with unique scents and colours. We draw inspiration from this everyday to create formulas based on top-quality plant-oils and active ingredients.

Off the beaten tracks, Provence is a real architectural playground in the throes of renewal with cultural landmarks such as La Cité Radieuse, the MUCEM in Marseille that boldly combines concrete and grass and the Luma Tower in Arles.

This contemporary Provence is also the expression of the art of living. A lifestyle inspired by a sunny and happy Provence, just like you!

Products that are as beautiful on the outside as they are good on the inside. With us, you are in good company!

Natural, sensorial and effective formulas

Carefully selected vegetable oils

From the outset, La Compagnie de Provence has forged close links with local producers, seeking out high-quality ingredients to offer the essence of Provence in a bottle. For example, a large proportion of our olive oils come from the Château Virant estate in Lançon-Provence, where the Cheylan family has been producing exceptional olive oil for several generations.

 As far as possible, we try to favour local partners, because it's like working in a family: it's just that much nicer! It's also the promise of a short supply chain that limits our environmental impact.


Our plant oils from Provence combine with other super ingredients to give your skin the very best: ultra-moisturising Mediterranean Velvet Algae, antioxidant Fig from Monteux - Provence - in our face care collection dedicated to the first signs of ageing, ultra-nourishing Shea Butter to care for the driest skin, Haute-Provence Honey in our Extra Pur hand creams and much more.


The vast majority of our products contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin to care for you and your home naturally. Our ambition is to offer the most natural formulas possible, without compromising on sensoriality and effectiveness, for cosmetic skincare that's 100% pleasure.


All the fragrances in our products are designed and created in Grasse by master perfumers, to offer skincare products with unique olfactory signatures.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: aesthetic, practical and environmentally friendly

Design – Definition : A modern, functional aesthetic.

We love beautiful objects which is why for 30 years the iconic bottles of our 500ml Marseille liquid soaps have been made of glass which is infinitely recyclable and recognised as being ideal for preserving the quality of the formulas.

Our bottles can be refilled again and again thanks to our 1L and 3L refills reducing our environmental footprint.

Design is beautiful... but not only that! It is, by definition, practical.

By being among the first to use the pump bottle we've created new ways of doing things adapted to contemporary lifestyles.

A practical pump that delivers just the right dose!

Did you know?

The bottles of our now cult liquid soaps are actually pharmaceutical syrup bottles that have been put to a different use. 

It is now your turn to imagine a new life for them!


La Compagnie de Provence is much more than a cosmetics brand: it's a contemporary Provence lifestyle, inspired by the joie de vivre of Provence, an ode to lightness.

- the art of entertaining with simplicity and elegance

- to please and to be pleased

- a way of life between indoors and outdoors

- a sunny environment that inspires colourful products that are joyful by nature