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Face Care

Beautiful, healthy skin begins with a good beauty routine. Whatever your skin type, our skincare products will make it happy! All our face care formulas have been tested for their effectiveness and are made with a high percentage of naturally derived ingredients. 

Facial care for every skin type

Every morning and evening, it's important to establish a skincare routine adapted to your skin type. Cleanse, soothe, moisturize, nourish and soften: every gesture counts to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. That's why La Compagnie de Provence invites you to discover its complete collection of facial care products.

Each skin has its own beauty ritual, but there are always two essential gestures: cleansing and moisturizing. In the morning and evening, cleanse and remove make-up to prepare the skin for the next step. Discover the Double Cleansing Duo with organic plant oils and put all the chances on your side by discovering the power of double cleansing. The cleansing oil transforms into a milk to remove all lipophilic impurities (those that love fat), while the cleansing foam removes hydrophilic impurities (those that love water), such as dust and perspiration, from your pores.

Once your skin has been cleansed and refreshed, opt for facial care products adapted to your skin type. First, apply our anti-aging serum, which will boost the benefits of the cream applied afterwards. Then use our Crème Sorbet to replenish skin's moisture and protect it from external aggressors, our Crème Soyeuse Nourrissante to soothe and repair dry, sensitive skin, our Crème Happydratante to moisturize, protect and keep skin radiant, or our Crème Légère to preserve the skin's youthful appearance with antioxidant care.

Discover the power of a night mask to complete your beauty ritual. Douce Nuit face mask combines the anti-oxidant, anti-aging power of Fig de Provence with the moisturizing, softening virtues of plant oils. It's the ideal facial treatment for fresh, rested skin. 

Beautiful skin thanks to natural facial care

Since 1990, La Compagnie de Provence has been committed to developing natural face care products. To achieve this, we rigorously select all our ingredients and create ever more natural, effective and sensorial formulas. Our Facial Care collection includes products with a minimum of 97% ingredients of natural origin.

For each facial care product, our flagship ingredients are carefully selected and blended to create the most natural cosmetics possible, with no compromise on sensoriality or efficacy.