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Our scented candles make stunning decorative items and add a warm light and touch of elegance to your living space. The fragrances were developed in Grasse, in the south of France, and let you enjoy a unique olfactory experience. 

The Compagnie de Provence scented candle, an ecological and vegetal choice

Compagnie de Provence products are characterized by a formula composed of carefully selected natural ingredients, without compromising on efficiency or sensoriality. The scented candles are no exception, as they are assembled by hand from an entirely vegetable wax made from colza grown in Europe. Their manufacture uses local natural resources, i.e. grown in the heart of Provence, rightly recognized for their olfactory qualities. The Compagnie de Provence scented candles are in agreement with the values of the greatest number of people and are thus integrated into the decoration of a place of life oriented towards naturalness or even zero waste.

Recyclable, the packagings of our scented candles also testify to our will to have the least possible impact on our environment, through a case certified FSC because coming from sustainably managed forests. With their amber glass bottles screen-printed in France, they are adorned with a certain elegance that contributes, in conjunction with a bewitching perfume, to create a unique atmosphere.

Create the atmosphere that suits you best with a Compagnie de Provence scented candle

In a living space, the feeling of well-being is largely due to the scents. They can indeed contribute to transform an interior into a warm and comfortable cocoon. For this reason, the scented candle is more than a simple decorative element. It comes with an olfactory dimension that, beyond simply eliminating possible bad smells, is the privileged partner of intimate moments and moments for oneself. In particular, the Compagnie de Provence candle is the fruit of the imagination of master perfumers from Grasse. Benefiting from this artisanal know-how, our scented candles have their own unique scents that allow them to combine light and fragrance to create an atmosphere that reflects you. A true cocktail of essential oils, our scented candles create an atmosphere that is sometimes energizing and energizing, thanks to mint and basil, and sometimes relaxing, through star anise and lavender. Composed of 90% natural wax and 10% perfume and a cotton wick, the Compagnie de Provence scented candle offers a perfectly balanced olfactory experience, far from the artificiality of synthetic perfumes. Using formulas that have proven their effectiveness, we have created an energizing duo and a relaxing duo combining a scented candle with the corresponding body cream. Enjoy in this way a real sensory harmony between your body and your environment.

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