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To offer or to treat yourself, La Compagnie shares with you its original ideas for successful gifts and helps you choose.

La Compagnie de Provence helps you find ideas by offering women's skincare gift sets and winning duos that are sure to delight your friends and family.

Find inspiration and the right gift with our gift sets

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. At La Compagnie de Provence, we've got just the gift for you. We offer a wide range of skincare gift sets featuring iconic La Compagnie de Provence products, to suit every taste and need.

You can also choose to give the gift of La Compagnie de Provence's must-have products by opting for skincare duos or trios. We've combined the best of Marseille liquid soaps, hand creams or several types of care products in the same scent, so you can give pleasure while introducing people to Compagnie de Provence products.

Compagnie de Provence gift sets: an eco-responsible gift that does good

We're committed to helping you give more responsible, useful and sustainable gifts.

Offering a Compagnie de Provence skincare set means choosing products made with natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and respectful of our environment. For each of our sets, duos, trios or kits, you'll find a precise indication of the percentage of natural ingredients present in the formulation.

In the same vein, we wanted to offer you gift sets that are both beautiful and reusable. We're well aware that the Christmas season can generate a great deal of waste. That's why our boxes are made of metal, so they can easily be reused to decorate interiors or to store personal belongings. Treat yourself or someone else to an eco-responsible, natural and sensory gift.

To make Christmas even more enchanting, but above all to keep you waiting until the big day, why not try the Advent calendar we've created in collaboration with OMY.