Meet the artist Marie Doazan


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Marie Doazan, I am an illustrator living in Marseille (South of France)

Tell us the story of behind your illustrations imagined for La Compagnie de Provence.
La Compagnie de Provence contacted me to imagine together a new collection for their 30-year anniversary. A great carte blanche which allowed me to draw Marseille!

Do you work while listening to music? What song inspired your work?
Yes! It allows me to quickly enter my bubble and focus on my illustration in progress. For this project, I listened to solar songs that reminded me of summer. I can tell "Pamplemousse" by Flavien Berger has often been repeated over and over!

What are your favorite places in Provence?
Les Calanques de Marseille of course ! And then, the countryside. I like to go to the Gorges du Verdon, towards Valensole plateau, eat a sardinade (a Mediterranean dish based on sardines and olive oil) in Martigues and soak my feet in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. So many corners that I want to discover and that I haven't had time to visit yet ... Great trips in perspective !

La Compagnie de Provence for you in 3 words and 3 fragrances?
3 words Elegance, nature and Marseille
3 fragrances citrus, peony and olive wood

What is the favorite object that you always carry around with you?
My moleskin notebook and a black felt pen. In the middle of my lists, I make all the sketches of my current projects. At the office, on the terrace or on a lounge chair, it is never far away!

What being in « good company” means to you?
A good dinner in a garden, my friends, my family and a great wine.

What makes you smile?
Planning my next summer holidays !