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  • Marseille Soap Cube Olive Compagnie de Provence
  • Marseille Soap Cube Olive Compagnie de Provence 1
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ingredients of
Marseille Soap Cube Olive Compagnie de Provence

Ideal for cleaning your home, clothes and textiles

Marseille Soap Cube Olive

Made in Provence Made in Provence


Savon de Marseille en barre 2kg
Savon de Marseille en Cube Olive
400 g
A resolutely economical, practical and eco-friendly cube!
In a few words

This Marseille soap cube is made in Marseille and cooked in a cauldron, in accordance with tradition.
Free of palm oil, it contains 72% oil – the minimum required for any genuine Marseille soap!
This natural, authentic product is perfect for washing the hands and body,
but is also recommended for washing delicate laundry and floors. 

Natural glycerine
Natural glycerine is derived from the saponification of vegetable oils. It's obtained during the traditional soapmaking process, using a cauldron. One of its major benefits is its ability to hold several times its weight in water, which makes it a high-performance hydrator. Glycerine also acts as a softening and protective agent: it helps to smooth the skin, improve its elasticity and protect it against environmental aggressors.
PDO Olive Oil
The Protected Designation of Origin label indicates that our olives are harvested and pressed in Provence in accordance with strict criteria that apply to the maintenance and irrigation of the olive trees, the harvesting methods, and the technique used to extract our oil. The aim : to ensure the traceability and optimal quality of our products. Its composition rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins protects, nourishes and softens.
How does
it work ?

To gently wash textiles (and especially delicate laundry items such as baby clothes, silk, lace, etc.), wet them, wash with the soap, working up a lather, then rinse carefully with clean water. You can leave your laundry to soak and should always rinse with cold water. To remove stubborn stains (grease, dirty shirt collars, etc.), rub them with the cube and machine-wash shortly after. To clean floors or make tiles shine, go over them with the Marseille soap then rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with the eyes.