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We've put our expertise into a range of products designed to keep your home clean and fragrant. Made with 96 to 99% naturally derived ingredients, they're effective, stylish, and difficult to resist! After all, there's no place like home... 

Adopting a healthy and natural routine doesn't only involve changes in the bathroom, through the consumption of organic cosmetics. Your household habits can also be transformed, in order to reach the ideal of an eco-responsible or even zero waste lifestyle. Compagnie de Provence accompanies you daily in the maintenance of your living space thanks to a range of cleaning products which honors the Marseille soap and the nature of Provence.

Marseille soap, star cleaning product for a natural home

Marseille soap has many facets. If it has a multitude of dermatological properties, it is also particularly effective in the field of household tasks. We sometimes don't realize the importance of using skin-friendly cleaning products. In the long run, the harmful effects of the chemicals handled can be visible on the skin. In addition, the scents released by these cleaning products in your home can be harmful to your health. Ecological and biodegradable, Marseille soap has everything to please.

Even if it is a natural cleaning product, Marseille soap is no less efficient and versatile. It can be used to wash clothes as well as to clean the different surfaces of the house. Thus, a few shavings of this natural soap diluted in warm water will replace your usual synthetic detergent, while the cube of solid Marseille soap, particularly economical, can be used for washing the body and hands as well as for cleaning the floors.

The pleasure of cleaning with Compagnie de Provence cleaning products

Compagnie de Provence cleaning products are just like our entire range of products for the face, body and home: natural, effective, sensory and environmentally friendly. We work in close collaboration with local producers, who are our privileged suppliers of essential vegetable oils for the conception of our care and cleaning products. Favoring short circuits and a lesser transformation of natural resources, we are part of an ecological approach that largely guides our professional activity.

Composed of 96 to 99% of natural ingredients, Compagnie de Provence cleaning products guarantee to its users a green and sensory cleaning experience, for a healthy and purified interior. Thanks to surfactants of vegetable origin, our dishwashing liquid foams naturally and ensures the same pleasure of use as an industrial dishwashing liquid, with less negative environmental impact. Our multi-purpose cleaning spray is characterized as much by its cleaning performance as by the sweet fragrance it releases thanks to its content of liquid Marseille soap and essential oils. As for the Compagnie de Provence liquid black soap, it is certainly THE essential cleaning product for the maintenance of your living space, since it plays the role of a cleaner, a degreaser and a stain remover. Now a cult item, our liquid soap bottles will also look great on the edge of your sink or washbasin.

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